Bekir Kerimov

Mr. Bekir Kerimov is a ESL instructor at OIC. Mr. Kerimov’s professional knowledge and personal experiences definitely play an important part in his classroom activities. His strict disciplinary approach, yet friendly demeanor allow him to build great rapport with students which is an unquestionable asset to a teacher. Bekir has a lot of passion for teaching and it shows in his daily work. He often stays late at the school to mark students’ assignments so they can get feedback sooner in order for improvement to take place. Bekir closely monitors his students’ progress and ensures that each student has achieved his/her potential. Mr. Kerimov graduated from Kaluga State University with a Bachelor of Education Degree. He also has a TESL diploma from Benns Educational Services which qualifies him to work with ESL students.

Olga Rubleva

Mrs. Olga Rubleva is a ESL instructor at OIC. She is very caring and dedicated to the success of her students. Mrs. Rubleva graduated from State University of Tuymen in Russia with specialization in English Language and Literature. She also has a TESL certificate from Benn’s International School in Toronto. Her extensive teaching experience makes her an excellent teacher. Olga is patient and supportive during class providing her students with a friendly classroom atmosphere. Her detailed lesson plans allow her to have full control of the classroom making sure that her students are actively learning the material.

Gennady Roizman

Mr. Gennady Roizman is a Physics and Mathematics teacher at OIC. His expertise and strict discipline in the classroom have won him great respect amongst students and staff alike. Dr. Roizman has a Ph.D in Astrophysics from the Institute of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics, Tartu, Estonia. Gennady also possesses a Master of Science degree in Physics from Karaganda State University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Mr. Roizman has over 20 years experience of teaching in high schools, colleges and universities; he is an author of 2 textbooks in astronomy for high school students and teachers, and 20 scientific articles. Gennady’s disciplinary approach in the classroom allows him to teach students necessary skills as well as challenge them with new material.

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