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Bo Bo Oo (Nick) UofT Mississauga---Management Lakehead---Engineering McMaster---Engineering The British Embassy Rangoon Myanmar (Burma) 2014-07
Cai,Haochen (William) OCAD---FACULTY OF DESIGN 3D     China High School Attached to Northeast Normal University 2014-07
Cao,Jiaxi (Jesse) UofT St. George---Physical and Mathematical Science UofT Mississauga---Computer Science UofT Scarborough---Computer Science China Zhuhai No. 1 High School 2014-07
Chang,Ruyu (Carla) UofT St. George---Life Sciences UBC Vancouver---Natural Resources Conservation Western---MN: Foods & Nutrition BSc Brock---BA Honours Child Health Ryerson---Nutrition and Food Laurier---Societh, Culture and Environment Windsor---Sociology & Criminology China Zhengzhou No. 11 Middle School 2014-07
Chen Shenghong (Alex) Ottawa---Engineering UofT Mississauga---Computer Science UofT Scarborough---Management China Zhejiang Cixi Yucai Middle School 2014-07
Chen, Yizhou (Marshall) UofT Mississauga---Computer Science Carleton---Engineering   China Canada Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School 2014-07
Chen,Chaojie (Louis) Ryerson---Engineering UofT Mississauga---Chemical & Physical Sciences   China Middle School Attached to HUST 2014-07
Chen,Jinyi (Joey) McMaster---Engineering McMaster---Business Waterloo---Engineering Waterloo---Business Administration Waterloo---Business Administration Western---MN: Management & Organizational Studies China Harbin No. 3 High School 2014-07
Chen,Kaiwen (Kevin) Western---Social Science UofT St.Gorge campus---Social Sciences UofT Mississauga---Social Sciences China Sanxia Senior Middle School of Yichang City 2014-07
Chen,Shaoyou (Reid) Ottawa---Engineering UofT St. George---Physical and Mathematical Sciences UofT Scarborough---Social Sciences China Nanjing Private Experimental High School 2014-07
Chen,Siyu (Joanna) Lakehead---Business Commerce UofT Mississauga---Commerce   China Guiyang No. 3 Experiment High School 2014-07
Chen,Tuo (Tony) McMaster---Engineering Waterloo---Engineering Waterloo---Business Administration Waterloo---Computer Science Western---Commercial Aviation Managemet China The First High School of Changsha 2014-07
Chen,Yiqian (Ashley) UofT St. George---Rotman Commerce UofT St. George---Engineering UofT Mississauga---Commerce Western---Management & Organizational Western---Engineering Western---Biological Sciences Queen's---Sciences Ryerson---Psychology Waterloo---Engineering Brock---Accounting China Putian No. 1 High School 2014-07
Dai,Wei (Diana) York---urban studies York---Environmental Studies UofT Mississauga---Visual Studies McMaster---Social Sciences Western---BR: Arts and Humanities China No. 1 Middle School of Naimanqi 2014-07
Ding,Xinpen (Bradley) Waterloo---Global Business and Digital Arts UofT Mississauga---Visual Studies   China Hubei Jingzhou High School 2014-07
Dong,Chenyang (Tiffany) Brock---Honours Media and Communication Studies UofT Scarborough---Journalism UofT St. Gorge campus---Life Sciences UofT Mississauga---Commerce China Zhengzhou No. 11 Middle School 2014-07
Dong,Pengfei (Leo) Lakehead University---Business Commerce UofT Mississauga---First Year Studies in Business   China Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School 2014-07
Fan,Jiahao (Fan) UBC---Science UofT Scarborough---Management UofT St. Gorge campus---Engineering UofT St.Gorge campus---Phy&Math Science Waterloo---Engineering Waterloo---Mathematics Waterloo---Financial Analysis and Risk Management China Affiliated High School of Louyang Institute of Science and Technology 2014-07
Ge,Yuteng (Asen) UBC---Stream Vantage College International Program UofT Mississauga---Studies in Computer Science McMaster---Engineering China Datong No. 1 Middle School Shanxi 2014-07
Gu,Shuo (Leon) UofT Scarborough---Computer Science     China Zhonghua Middle School 2014-07
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